24 Sep

So we rent out half of our house.  This is nice in that we have extra income, not nice in that I really really want that space.  It’s also a lot more work than it should be.

When we first bought our house, it was set up for an upstairs apartment.  Our plan was to wait and see what would happen, live in the space a while and then decide what to do.  Well, somebody knew somebody who really needed an apartment right then, and it turned out that we had a tenant who actually moved in before us.  Definitely not the plan, but we rolled with it.  And to be honest, it saved us.

So after 15 months, our tenant has moved out.  We rented the apartment to the first people who saw it and still get emails about the rental.  (How do you take an ad off craigslist?)  We have 4 days to do about 3 weeks worth of work up there.  Don’t get me wrong, we had a very responsible tenant; there are just things that need to be addressed now that we didn’t know about before and she didn’t really care.  I think she didn’t care – she never mentioned them.

So now some wallpaper has to be removed and we have to paint the kitchen and touch up the living room.  We have to clean carpets and kitchen cabinets.  We have to replace the faucet in the bath tub.  We have to repair about a dozen little things.  And we have to do the winter-is-coming preparation that we would have needed to do whether we were changing tenants or not.

It is a little frustrating to me because I am trying to find time to do our personal stuff and that time just doesn’t exist.  It’s also expensive at a time we can’t really afford it.  Life goes on and on and on.

Our new tenants have a baby boy just 2 months older than our son, so we are pretty happy about that.  They are happy they can use the swing set and the yard.  We have another adjustment to make.  Just like every other month.  We are looking forward to the challenge…


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