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Being a Bad Housewife

So I have been a terrible housewife for several weeks.  Tired, unmotivated, blah blah blah.

I blame my laziness for my laziness.  I have not been to the farmers market in a month.  It’s hot, I say.  I’m tired, I say.  We’re broke, I say.  All true.  Also all excuses for not doing what I know to be right.  It’s got to stop.

But it won’t this week.  I had a wart removed from the bottom of my foot yesterday, one that I should’ve taken care of a long time ago but didn’t.  I tried all the home stuff, which didn’t work, even duct tape.  (Don’t waste the duct tape.  What a silly idea.)  Then I just gave up and limped a little.  So when the doc finally took care of it, she said, “stay off your foot for a week.”  Right, I have two small children.

So today I had to go to the basement.  And proceeded to fall right down the stairs.  Bunch of scrapes and bruises, injured pride, and a twisted ankle.  The one attached to the sore foot.  My amazing aunt stopped by moments after I fell, thankfully, so she played with the kids while I nursed myself a bit.

I managed to go back down tonight, on my feet all the way to the bottom, to do some laundry, but the husband is going to have to bring the clothes up from the dryer.

Isn’t life fun?

I have managed to print my weekly calendar.  We haven’t had one for a few months and I just can’t live like that.  The more the family grows up, the less I can remember.  I looked and looked for one that I liked and that would work for our needs before giving up and making my own in Excel.  It has room for work schedules, my husband’s class schedule, appointments, menu planning, chores, holidays and events, and that famous “other.”  There is also space at the bottom for to-do this week and to-do next week.  It is a full calendar.  I have to write very very small.

I will be honest and admit that I have only used the space for menu planning twice.  I keep up with everything else, but I can’t get that meal planning done.  I think I just waste too much time on the computer.

The chores are on a weekly rotation, so I have set things to accomplish each day.  On weekdays, this includes stuff that needs to get done (at least) weekly like vacuuming and scrubbing the bathroom.  Occasionally I even get a day ahead.  It’s a good feeling when that happens.  Rare, but good.  Obviously, the dishes and laundry and tidying up that get done every day are not listed.  My goal is to keep all these basic chores to less than an hour to an hour and a half each day.  On weekends, the chores are on a monthly rotation – stuff like shampooing the carpets and real dusting.  Yardwork is scheduled in the warm months, and house maintenance in the winter.

So far, I’m happy with it, although I think it could use a little tweaking.  There are several chores not listed that I spend a good amount of time on – the big ones being financial stuff (bill paying, budgeting, figuring out how to live on our income) and that pesky menu planning.  Adding those make my time limits go up exponentially, so I’m not so keen on the idea.

What I need to work on is a separate chore list for the kids, one with stickers and stuff.  So far, I’m not real into the rewards.  Nobody rewards me for washing dishes, right?  I’m sure that will change as the kids get older and rebel.

I’m also still working on getting a nice, organized office space.  I have looked and looked at Pinterest for inspiration, read several books about organization, and even know what I want to do, at least to start off.  Finding the time and motivation to get it done…  Hopefully soon I will be bragging about the results.